Time for TAPRI comes close

The past few weeks as a stagiaire at CBSS have been a very interesting experience so far. The only problem is that it will not last an eternity. Rather the opposite. Starting April 1 I will be commuting between Stockholm (the new home) and Tampere (to take up the research position offered by TAPRI).

The only problem is that I have no knowledge of the city, nor the university for that matter. All I can babble is Tampere, Tamperella, and even more suave Tampereen Yliopisto. But that is pretty much it. No asunto, nor huone in sight yet, and this is bugging me. I mean, I have not so much of a preference, just the usual: cheap, nice, small, central.

Hopefully this will be solved somehow the coming weeks. It would be rather sad to have to sleep under a bridge, n’est ce pas? So I am open to any suggestions, so to speak. Now I came to realize that I actually haven’t met any people FROM Tampere, that could help my search.

Monday, February 11th, 2008 Research